Quality Underground Orchestra

2001年 世田谷を拠点にAkiyoshi∞44を中心にQuality Underground Orchestra結成。
2004年DIESSEL:U:MUSIC2004 ROCK WINNERを受賞DIESSEL:U:MUSIC2004 ROCK WINNERとして、ロンドンで開催されたフェスティバルENCOMPASSに出演メンバー脱退に伴いドラムレスのMachine Styleに変身。
2012年Akiyoshi∞44が下北沢にアートスニーカーショップRipery's SugarをOPEN。
2020年 BPM200upでのMachineハードコアLive setを確立。

In 2001, Akiyoshi∞44 played a central role in forming the Quality Underground Orchestra. Initially, Quality Underground Orchestra appeared as a six-member rock dub band on CD releases, national tours, and domestic festivals. In 2004, Quality Underground Orchestra received the "DIESEL:U:MUSIC" 2004 ROCK WINNER. As the winner of the DISEL:U:MUSIC 2004 ROCK award, they performed at the ENCOMPASS festival in London. After many gigs and parties, a member left the band. The band evolved into a drumless machine style. In 2012, Akiyoshi∞44 opened an art sneaker shop, Ripery's Sugar, in Shimokitazawa. Established Machine Hardcore Live with BPM 200up in 2020.